Complex Care and Brain injury 

Our Complex Care Service supports aduts with complex care needs and Acquired Brain Injuries (TBI) of all classicifations  who require care  support an and enablement  to continue living independently in their homes. Our support also focuses ons supporting Service Users to participate is Social activities of their choice. 

We utilise Person Centred and Outcome Focused interventions to ensure that we effectively meet clients needs. To this end, we will work collaboratively with the Service User, their family Case Manager and MDT to design a personilised care plan that is focused on achieving the Service User’s desired outcomes.  

In delivering support we will work in partnership with the Service User to set SMART goals to assist in achieving and maintaining independence and lead fulfilling lives. We also continuously monitor and review support to ensure its effectiveness. We utilise the ‘Outcomes Star’ which is an evidence based tool designed to measure and support change towards clearly defined outcomes that are based on the Service Users priorities. 

To promote a therapeutic relationships and effectiveness of the support, we will match the Service User with like minded Support Staff of their choice and if the Support is not working we change the Support Staff.  We cotinuosly review the effectiveness of support  with the client, their family, Case Manager and MDT.

To ensure that our Support Staff are competent and safe, they undergo a rigorous recruitment process,  and training, supervison  DBS checks. We utilise the Better Hiring Toolkit which enables us to discharge our obligation to conduct a safe recruitment process  that safeguards our service users.

In addition to manadatory care training Support Staff receive Neouro Rehab – Brain Injury trainingenabling them to understand the physical, cognitive and behavioural effects of TBI and what intevetions are needed. Where required we also arrange specific trainigs in response to individual needs of each or our Service Users. 

At Ardent Care we use digital (online) care records management system which ensures live monitoring of care provided to ensure that we are responsive to the Service Users’ ever changing needs. 

Our online care management system allows  family members or professionals such as Case Managers, Solicitors and Social Workers to log in and follow the care provided in real time, as well as record messages for care staff. 


We accept self-funders and those funded by Health or Social Care

Service users and families may self-refer or be referred by health or care professional.

We accept referral for both post and pretrial cases. 

Following the referral, we will complete an assessment and support planning with Imput from our Clinical Lead and Social Worker ensuring a holistic support planning. 

We will carry out ongoing reviews and adjust support as required to ensure that it continues to meet needs and manage risks. 

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