At Ardent Care we are focussed on empowering citizens to achieve their desired outcomes for independent living. We apply the person centred approach which places emphasis on that service users are the experts in their own lives. At Ardent Care we stress on “doing with rather than doing to or for” and we believe that this approach can improve both the experience and quality of care. We believe in working together to design and deliver support that promotes greater independence, confidence and self-esteem. To achieve this we will seek the service users views and actively listen to ensure that the support is tailored to their individual needs. 
Our staff will work in partnership with the citizen to set clear SMART goals to assist in achieving and maintaining independence and fulfilling lives. We also continuously monitor and review support to ensure its effectiveness. We utilise the ‘Outcomes Star’ which is an evidence based tool designed to measure and support change towards clearly defined outcomes that are based on service users priorities. 

Our outreach support includes:

  • Supporting service users to access and utilise mainstream services in their communities
  • Problem solving  to overcome any barriers to maintaining independence and build resilience
  • Prompting and assisting with personal care
  • Medication prompt and administration
  • Management of money, bills and tenancy
  • Meal preparation shopping and other domestic tasks
  • Healthy lifestyles such as food and nutrition planning, sporting activities
  • Travel training
  • Companionship 
  • Dealing with correspondence and appointments
  • Reorienting and reintegrating service users following institutional care

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